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Find out hints and tips for better managing your debt.

Debt Fix Survey

Recently Debt Fix conducted a Debt Survey which revealed some extremely interesting results about how people feel about their finances and their debt. The majority of the people surveyed were women aged between 20 and 40 earning incomes under $50k per annum. More than half the respondents were paying off a mortgage and more than half of the people surveyed owed more than $80k in debt, including credit cards, personal loans, car loans and money owing to friends and family. The survey dug deeper Read more [...]
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Mortgage Stress Tips

Written by: Nick Bregozzo Interest rates are down and home owners are breathing a collective sigh of relief. Added, media commentators are suggesting that interest rates may still have room to move down as it appears that the economy has stalled. A high dollar and a depreciating interest in foreign investment compounded by precarious global concerns have come together in a perfect storm to dampen domestic demand and the central bank has recognised that more is needed to spark the economy. Despite Read more [...]
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Debt Consolidation Tips For Aussie

Debt Consolidation Tips Written by: Nick Bregozzo It never fails to amaze me that when someone needs a debt solution; that is they are struggling under the multiple debts they may have and they need to reduce their outgoings, they automatically believe that a debt consolidation loan is the only answer. Don’t get me wrong, a debt consolidation loan may well be a good option, however as a popular as they may be, a new consolidation loan is not the only answer. Moreover, whilst it’s often Read more [...]
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