Saving money, it’s on all of our minds these days. For many it’s an impossible expectation. The truth is though, if you can save even a few dollars a month, it really is better than nothing. Follow these do’s and don’ts that will add a little money to your savings account:

Do: Keep track of spending

The only way to know where you can cut back on spending is to track every cent that leaves your hands, whether it be through cash, credit card or cheque. Once you know where your money is going, you know what you can cut back on. Seeing it on paper, buying a $4 coffee five times a week might seem silly. The longer you keep track, the better. It’s a good idea to always know where your money is going.

Don’t: Cut out, cut back

As much as anyone wants to save money, the last thing anyone wants to do is completely cut out the things they enjoy. So, don’t cut out, just cut back. If you tend to eat out four times a month, cut it in half. You don’t need to get rid of your cable television, just cut back to the barest option. Everything in moderation always seems to be the best option.

Do: Choose to save a specific amount

When you have a goal amount to save each month, you work harder to achieve it. When you say ”I’ll save whatever I can,” that usually leads to saving nothing. Whether you decide to save $5 a month or $200, stick to it. You’ll be inspired as you see the savings grow. As time goes on you’ll probably be inspired to save more, but don’t feel discourage if you can only save a small amount for a while, it is better than nothing.

Don’t: Forget to pay yourself

It’s not only children that deserve an allowance. Adults deserve one, too! As an adult you probably think one of two ways, that you can spend as much money when and how you want without limits or you don’t have enough to spend on fun things for yourself, so you don’t. There is a middle ground. Adult allowance! After keeping track of your money and deciding on what you’re going to save, factor in an allowance for yourself. Maybe it will be $100 from every pay check or maybe you’ll go with a weekly allowance. Whatever you can work into your budget is worthwhile. You deserve to have a little money to do whatever you want with.