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When is Debt a problem?

There are two types of debt, good (equity) debt and bad (consumer) debt and its important to know the difference between the two to understand when debt is a problem. Good (equity) debt includes borrowing money for a house or other investment that is likely to appreciate in value and build wealth. ... READ MORE


How Can Debt Fix Help You?

Editorial featured in The Newcastle Herald Father of two, Brandon Gallow has lost his house and with interest rate rising, more families will be in the same situation. …  The Gallow family has gone without food and luxuries for months just trying to cover their mortgage repayments, but t... READ MORE



A budget is a key ingredient to a brighter financial future. A budget helps you plan ahead, like a roadmap, and should be revised regularly to avoid getting "lost". Budgets are a tool to help regain control of your finances. Despite how important a budget is, most people don't have one. Most people ... READ MORE


Mortgage Refinance by Justin Livin

Buying and paying off your family home will be one of the biggest events to ever take place in an individuals lifetime. Sometimes the burden of paying off the family home can be overwhelming and as a result we turn to credit as a means to freeing up cash for other purposes (e.g. the purchase of pers... READ MORE


Lending and Bankruptcy by: Justin Livin

Obtaining a loan after a bankruptcy can seem like an impossible task, at Debt Fix we understand this concern and are experts in helping people with credit impaired histories. Once your bankruptcy is discharged ( usually after 3 years ) there are some lenders willing to look at your individual situat... READ MORE


Interest Rate Increase

On 3rd May 2006, the Reserve Bank announced an interest rate increase. The rationale behind this decision was to stave off inflationary pressure, but for the average Australian home owner, this rate rise will mean they will have to find and extra $35-$60 per month in their budget. There is no doubt ... READ MORE


Consolidation Loans - Things to Consider

If you are thinking of taking up one of the many credit card or personal loan offers that you see on the television, in the newspapers or hear on the radio, consider the following: A personal loan that will merge your debts into one convenient monthly or fortnightly payment sounds good and seems to ... READ MORE


Budgeting to avoid staying out of Debt Problems!

Debt in Australia has reached an all time high. People are becoming more and more reliant on credit to survive. Credit cards are an easy and efficient way to pay for goods and services however, unless spending is monitored closely, it can easily get out of control. Credit and store cards, mobile pho... READ MORE


Your financial check up

It's the New Year, time for your financial check up! The New Year's celebrations are over and you've settled into your normal routine. Now is the time to address a few issues that are best handled early in the new year, like: Assess your Current Financial Position: Before you can make goals for t... READ MORE


Tips for Preventing Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Help

Bankruptcy can be avoided through good money management. Debt Fix recommends the following key points in order to help avoid bankruptcy: Avoid impulse spending Don't use a credit card unless you have the cash to pay it off Tear up credit card offers you receive in the mail ... READ MORE

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