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The Common Characteristics of Debt-Free People

debt free characteristics

Living a debt-free lifestyle means thinking simply, directly, and sometimes ever-so-slightly out of the box. It means taking on a new manner of thinking, and it means prioritising in a way that changes lives. Those who live a debt-free life share very specific characteristics. It’s no accident... Continue reading

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Top 5 Saving Tips before the Christmas Season

saving before christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, is it time to think about how to best spend your money? The holiday ritual of buying presents and consuming copious amounts of food results in huge spending for a lot of Australian households. It’s important to be prepared and not over-stretch yourself, because... Continue reading

Tags:  Budgeting

Student Credit Cards Causing Risk of Bad Credit

student credit card debt

Too Easy to Get a Credit Card? New research has found that almost a quarter of Australians have signed up to a credit card as a teenager. The accessible nature of attaining your own credit card has fuelled warning that without the right education or guidance, this could easily lead to a debt spiral... Continue reading

Tags:  Credit Card Debt

Top 5 Apps to Help Control Your Personal Finances

apps to help with finances

Have you ever wondered how much of your money goes to paying off bills? Or how much disposable income you can afford to spend without affecting your day-to-day living expenses? Organising your finances can be a time consuming and mundane process. Keeping track of your spending and expenses is not a... Continue reading

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4 Reasons Not To Borrow from Family or Friends

why you shouldn't borrow money

Borrowing money from friends or family can be a very sensitive topic, but one that might ring a familiar bell to a lot of people. Whether you’ve experienced this yourself or heard stories second-hand, situations like these can prove to be quite complicated for all those involved. Whilst the co... Continue reading

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Mounting Credit Card Debt Could Be the Next Big Crisis for Households

credit card debt households

Has your bank ever asked you to increase your credit card limit? Or did you ever think it was too easy to increase the amount you can spend on your card? These questions may resonate with a lot of Australian consumers and households, as the issue surrounding credit cards have been put under intense ... Continue reading

Tags:  Credit Card Debt

Our Financial Advice for Young Adults

financial advice for young adults

When it comes to money, what’s the best way to teach children how to manage it, and save for the future? Whether you’re still in school, studying at university, or building your career, anyone who starts out an independent life controlling their own finances may think that the future is... Continue reading

Tags:  Financial Plan

5 Top Tips for Living on a Single Income

how to live on a single income

Managing your finances on a sole income can be tough, but take solace in the fact that it’s not unheard of for single-earner households to make good financial footing with their available resources. In fact, lots of couples need to survive on one income, during situations such as maternity lea... Continue reading


Saving Your Business from Financial Distress

saving business from financial distress

There’s a reason why 8 out of 10 businesses fail within the first eighteen months of its operations. From a financial point of view, businesses need a steady cash flow to sustain a revenue stream that may one day turn into a profitable model. This notion might even apply for existing businesse... Continue reading


Personal Insolvencies Rise in All States

personal insolvencies rising up in australia

Financial Hardship Going Up The June quarter 2016 report from the Australian Financial Security Authority showed that the level of personal insolvencies has risen for the first time since the peak of the global financial crisis in 2008. These figures indicate that more Australian households are hav... Continue reading


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