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Get Your Credit Cards to Pay You — Some Tips for Getting the Greatest Rewards from Your High Limit Cards

Many consumers use credit cards for their convenience, but those who use high limit cards tend to be more sophisticated and affluent consumers. Cards with high credit limits, generally limits above $10,000 to $15,000, are often designed to entice those high income customers. These enticements may ta... READ MORE


Debt Help — Managing Uncontrolled Debts

Debt help comes in a variety of forms for those who require it. Uncontrolled debt mangles credit files, lightens wallets, and raises blood pressure. In a world where lives are so frequently defined by financial standing, debt is tantamount to cancer. Thankfully, even those with multiple sources of u... READ MORE


Australian Debt Collection — 5 Questions

When your debts go unpaid and the bills start stacking up, you'll likely have debt collectors come after you to try to get the money back. No matter how you incurred the debt, whether it was through credit cards, a mortgage or some other loan, debt collection is a serious issue and you need to kno... READ MORE


Be on the Lookout for New Credit Card Fees and Charges

by beconrad As the long awaited credit card reforms President Obama signed into law take effect, consumers will need to watch their mailboxes and their credit card statements for new fees, new terms and new charges.…  Credit card companies are already trying to make up the revenue they expect to lo... READ MORE


Your Financial Health: Be Wary of “No Payments for One Year Credit Accounts“

By Susan M. Keenan …©2010 How many times have you seen a store advertise special deals such as ”No payments for 6 months” or ”No payments for one year” on any store purchase of a certain value or higher? Probably, you have seen these advertisements at least onc... READ MORE

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Do’s and Don’ts of Saving Money

Saving money, it’s on all of our minds these days. For many it’s an impossible expectation. The truth is though, if you can save even a few dollars a month, it really is better than nothing. Follow these do’s and don’ts that will add a little money to your savings account: D... READ MORE


Looking Forward

One thing that can be sure is that the future shape and availability of credit in the global market will never be the same. Whilst we all recognise that the current recession triggered by the banking crisis is global, it is not too difficult to see how life will be for the coming years until a new p...


Interest Rates — Relief on the Horizon

Interest rates are in the news again, but this time it seems that there may be some welcomed relief on the horizon. All indicators suggest that the Reserve Bank may consider lowering official interest rates, signifying a welcomed relief for people struggling with debt. Should the Reserve Bank ... READ MORE


Who Didn’t Need To Go Bankrupt

Bankruptcy levels are almost at their highest levels. Last year, nearly 26000 battling Australians went bankrupt. Looking at this figure, it’s easy to forget that there are human stories behind this startling number. It’s a desperate story of a dream turning into a financial nightmare. It doesn’t... READ MORE


Debt Management Consultants — Be Debt Free Without Taking Loan

You have been denied a loan for consolidation of loans and nagging creditors have made life impossible for you. The way out in such a situation is approaching to debt management consultants. They have appropriate solutions for your aggravated debt problems.The biggest advantage of debt management co... READ MORE


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