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Tips for Preventing Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Help

Bankruptcy can be avoided through good money management. Debt Fix recommends the following key points in order to help avoid bankruptcy: Avoid impulse spending Don't use a credit card unless you have the cash to pay it off Tear up credit card offers you receive in the mail ... READ MORE

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Forms of Income that Are Exempt From Garnishment

Leaving old debts unpaid will almost surely result in you receiving telephone calls and letters from collection agencies. These companies will often threaten to sue you and garnish your wages. If the income you receive is exempt from garnishment, however, it cannot be taken from you by force from a ... READ MORE

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The Assets That You Lose in Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be an effective debt relief solution, but there are real consequences. During bankruptcy, many of your assets are up for grabs and you can potentially lose everything from cash in your bank account to real estate, cars, and investments. A trustee appointed by the court to administer y... Continue reading

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Will Bankruptcy Clear All My Debts?

what does bankruptcy mean

If you're trapped under a mountain of debt that you can't repay and being hassled by debt collectors, bankruptcy may seem like an attractive solution for wiping the slate clean. However, like any major decision, it needs to be researched carefully to make sure you know the risks. When you go bankru... Continue reading

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