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Your Financial Health: Be Wary of “No Payments for One Year Credit Accounts“

By Susan M. Keenan …©2010 How many times have you seen a store advertise special deals such as ”No payments for 6 months” or ”No payments for one year” on any store purchase of a certain value or higher? Probably, you have seen these advertisements at least onc... READ MORE

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Our Financial Advice for Young Adults

When it comes to money, what’s the best way to teach children how to manage it, and save for the future? Whether you’re still in school, studying at university, or building your career, anyone who starts out an independent life controlling their own finances may think that the future is... Continue reading

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Australia's Household Debt Hits Record High – and Still Climbing

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Australia's household debt-to-income ratio now exceeds 200 percent, making it one of the highest in the developed world. This means that the average Australian family owes more than twice as much in debt as it earns from wages and other sources of income. Total consumer debt is now around $2.47 mil... Continue reading


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