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What is a Debt Agreement?

Essentially, a Debt Agreement is an affordable way to settle your debts. It’s for people that can’t get a loan or refinance their debts, don’t want to be bankrupt, and are struggling.

As a low cost alternative to bankruptcy and like any option, there are benefits and consequences. Please find below the most relevant points to consider before you decide to proceed:


  • An Affordable Debt Free way to Settle your Debts
  • Stop debt collection, FAST!
  • One, Debt Free repayment – making things Simpler
  • Finally, regain control of your finances with dignity
  • Protect your assets

Terms & Conditions

A Debt Agreement is all about affordability. You will need to live within your means.Debt Agreements are recorded on a public register and are likely to appear on your credit file.The point of making a Debt Agreement is to free you from debt so in other words, if you could obtain finance whilst trying to settle your debts it would defeat the purpose. For this reason, your credit file will be impacted.

For further information, please refer to the following link to ITSA – the Government Department that oversees the debt agreement program: http://www.itsa.gov.au/

Debt Fix has helped hundreds of people turn their situation around. Unlike some other companies that say they will help and then charge a non-refundable fee, Debt Fix will never add to your financial problem, that’s why we have a No Fix, No Pay policy.

Debt Fix is 100% Australian Owned and committed to finding the best, most relevant solution given your set of circumstances. We are a founding member of DAPA (Debt Agreement Practitioners Assoc), a member of COSL and hold a current Australian Credit Licence.

No matter what your situation is, we want to help. Contact us now for an obligation-free analysis of your finances and let us assist you regain control.

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