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Escape from Debt

Escape from Debt is an interactive coaching tool that has been designed to show how debt products work and how they keep you working for the bank instead of for yourself or your family. You will be taken on a journey through the basics of finance products and will gain an insight as to why and how they are marketed to us. This understanding will allow you to make the correct choices when it comes to your budget and working with your Debt Fx consultant.

We show you in plain language how you can become free and most importantly, remain free. We want for you to beat the debt trap to live a happier, healthier and less stressful life.

What are your debts costing you in time, effort, money and self-esteem?

Using personal debt products is an expensive and difficult way to live. Escape from Debt opens your eyes to the true costs of personal finance products and shows you how to set goals, believe in yourself and your abilities, budget wisely and take the action you require to get ahead.

The book is designed to be read from cover to cover within two or three hours and is simple to follow.

"Easy to read and understand, it's great!" - Sandy
"I'm taking back control of my finances. They used to control me" - Matt
"I'm excited to be on the right track now with paying my debts off" - Janah

About the author

Tim Williamson has worked in the finance industry as both a loans consultant and collections agent. After having worked for a major bank in their collections department he decided that there had to be a better way for people to work their finances. His knowledge and personal experiences have allowed him to compose a coaching platform to aid you in springing back to a healthy state with your finances.

Tim shows you how the banks have got you working for them instead of for yourself. Through this he gets you to see a better way of managing your money to be able to make the changes required to get yourself out of debt and begin to succeed by learning the language of investment.

An excerpt from the book

We live in an exciting age of continuous change and growth but it is indeed unfortunate that a lot of people are restricted in their ability to enjoy these times by the position that they are in financially. Too many of us have high levels of personal debt and are working hard only to pay interest bills, fees and charges. The statistics show that a majority of us are no longer working for ourselves or our families anymore.

Keeping ourselves in debt and working with credit becomes another of our normal behaviors when we do it for long enough. When something is familiar to us we get comfortable and from there it can be easier to become complacent.

Through the observations in the following pages I want to show you how working with the wrong sorts of debt, or working the right debt in the wrong way is keeping you out of the fun and exciting times in life.

My experiences indicate that most of us are following the same behavior patterns in using credit cards and personal finance.

Increasing levels of debt have become normal and many of us expect our debt levels to rise on a regular basis. We take ‘advantage’ of credit level increases when they come in the mail and may even re-finance our debts to manage the increasing monthly payment levels. My own levels of personal debt crept up to the point where I had no money left at the end of the month for my own use. I was eventually only working to pay bills and had no time or energy left for anything or anyone.

Familiarity does breed contempt and contempt can cost you everything.

We are reaching a point where society (driven by the desire to have the latest and the best of everything) is threatening to implode upon itself. The instances of bankruptcy are increasing and houses are being repossessed at an alarming rate. This book is about altering your mindset to be able to live a happier, healthier and less stressful life. By becoming aware of where your money is going you’ll manage to cure yourself of this affliction and remain free of its grasp.

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