Budget Calculator

  1. Choose a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly plan.
  2. Convert all amounts to match your plan. Use our converter.
Budget Period

Step 1: Income

  1. Choose your weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly plan.
  2. Use our converter to match your plan.

Household Income

Your after tax income Child support received
Partner/ spouse after tax income Board money received
Pension/ benefit Investments (after tax)
Family payment Other income (after tax)
Total Income $

Step 2: Expenses

  1. Record your living costs.
  2. Convert all amounts to match your plan. Use the converter on the right.

Housing / Utilities Costs

Rent Contents replacement
1st mortgage Electricity
2nd mortgage Heating oil
Land rates Gas
Water rates Water
Home insurance(s) Mobile phone
House repairs Internet/Cable TV
Strata levies Telephone

Transport / Food Costs

Petrol Groceries
Repairs Meat
Registration Fruit/Vegetables
Fines Lunches
Insurance Pet Food
Licence Eating out

Education / Medical

School Fees Health insurance
Uniforms Doctor
Self Education Dentist
School excursions Chemist
Tutoring/Books Eye care
After school activities Other medical
Pre-school Pet and vet
Child minding

Personal Costs

Clothing Pocket money Superannuation
Haircuts Drinks alcoholic Insurance(s)
Grooming/cosmetics Cigarettes Other fees
Entertainment Laundry/dry cleaning Other costs
Sport Gambling/other Savings
Club fees Donations/ other Special Projects
Newspapers/Magazines DVDs/Videos/Movies Child Maintenance
Holidays Postage/Films
Gifts Home Maintenance
Total basic living expenses $

Step 3: Debts

  1. Record your debt costs.
  2. Convert all amounts to match your plan. Use the converter on the right.

Debt Costs

Credit Card 1 Car Loan/ Finance 1
Credit Card 2 Car Loan/ Finance 2
Credit Card 3 Store card 1
Credit Card 4 Store card 2
Credit Card 5 Store card 3
Personal Loan 1 Finance Companies
Personal Loan 2 Home loans
Personal Loan 3 Other debts
Personal Loan 4

Step 4: Summary

  1. Your Bottom Line will show you if your income afford your expenses

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Your Bottom Line

Total debt expenses $
Total all expenditure $0
Your after tax income (from section A) $
Less your living expenses (from section B) $
Less your debt expenses (from section C) $
Total surplus $0

Your Budget

A budget is a key ingredient to a brighter financial future. A budget helps you plan ahead, like a roadmap, and should be revised regularly to avoid getting “lost”.

Budgets help regain control of your finances. Despite how important a budget is, most people don’t have one.

Most people have a rough idea of how much they make per week but believe it or not, most people spend more than they make not knowing exactly where the money goes.

A budget is a great way to show exactly where money is being spent, and where possible cutbacks could be made and its a great starting point for a savings plan.