If you're drowning in financial woes, or really want a vacation, you might be wondering why it seems so difficult to get ahead when it comes to money. It's not as hard as you might think to attract money into your life, but you may be completely unfamiliar with some of the unconventional ways that wealth and prosperity can easily flow into your life. Here are 18 exercises you can practice to enlighten you.

    1. Make a vision board. Create a collage of pictures that are special to you. Dream big and include all your desires. Cut out a picture of your dream house from a magazine, or print pictures of couples on a romantic getaway. Hang your creation on the wall and gaze at it often.


    1. Learn your money limitations. Most of us have limiting beliefs when it comes to money. We may have learned these from an early age, or practiced at becoming disgusted with our lifelong financial situation. If you become aware of your thoughts and fears surrounding money, you can begin to remove those old habits from your life by replacing the limiting thoughts with ones that reflect abundance.


    1. Practice a spending exercise. Choose a figure, like $1000, and write it at the top of a clean sheet of paper. Make a list of the items you would buy or pay off with $1000. Each day, give yourself another $1000 and spend on new things. Soon you'll understand the importance of this exercise, as you'll begin to recognize limiting behaviors and enhance the flow of abundance.


    1. Be grateful. Remind yourself to be grateful for the abundance that currently flows into your life. Even if you possess only things which you believe are small, having gratitude toward those things gets you into the habit of thankfulness. Be grateful for any money that flows into your life, and learn to say 'thank you' often for all that you now have.


    1. Act as if. Without pretending to be someone you aren't, begin to incorporate the joy of abundance into your life. Visualize what your life would be like if you had the money which you desire, and play it out. Act as if you can buy your dream home or live with the perfect partner at any time. Know that your desires are manifesting as you create them.


    1. Make small donations. Find a way to donate a few dollars to a great cause, or hand some money to someone in need. Many people are having a hard time in this economy, and it feels really great to help someone else. It's difficult when you don't have much of your own, but the feeling of giving far surpasses the small hole that a $5 donation would leave. Plus, you'll send a message to the universe that you're ready to accept the flow of giving and receiving.


    1. Learn how to receive. Don't deny gifts or help from others. When someone offers you money or a helping hand, graciously accept without guilt or resistance. It's impossible to make the money of your dreams if you aren't prepared to accept it. Be grateful for any abundance which comes your way, no matter what its source.


    1. Don't retell negative stories. When you run into bad luck, or feel like you can't make ends meet, don't give in to the temptation to retell that story to anyone who will listen. Carefully choose your topics of discussion and avoid anything negative. Giving energy to tough money subjects only increases the bad luck you are experiencing. Retell only the details of abundance and prosperity that you are seeing manifest in your life.


    1. Be aware of the source of financial advice. When seeking the answers to your money questions, only accept answers from those wealthy enough to qualify. You won't find any success following advice from someone who makes less money than you'd like to bring in. Don't engage in negative talk about money, especially people who have none.


    1. Surround yourself with people who are successful. People who have earned success properly will always be willing to share what they know, and how they became inspired. Make friends with these people and enjoy a much more relaxed existence. Learn how they view life and ask them how you can create new habits pointing toward prosperity and wealth.


    1. Learn positive money affirmations. Read some affirmations about abundance and prosperity and choose your favorites. Memorize them and repeat them each morning when you wake up, and each evening before you go to sleep. Declare to the universe that you are willing to accept abundance and wealth, in magical ways, and in an easy and relaxed manner.


    1. Carry a hundred dollar bill in your wallet. Take this money with you everywhere and know that it's always there to spend. Visualize yourself spending it freely whenever you go shopping. When you see something you like, know that you can buy it with your hundred dollars. You can also use play money for this exercise.


    1. Double up on your smallest bill. When it comes time to pay the bills, make a list from highest to lowest. When you pay the smallest bill, double the amount you send. This will create the effect of abundance, while at the same time quickly cutting down the amount you owe. When this bill is paid in full, continue doubling the smallest bill you have.


    1. Include a little love when you pay your bills. Each time a bill is due, rather than creating stress around paying it, become grateful that it is out of the way. Send love when you make out the check and learn to enjoy trading your money for the things you love such as your house, your car, or the new curtains you bought on credit.


    1. Recognize abundance in all its forms. Attracting wealth and prosperity doesn't have to come in the form of actual money. If you experience great savings on a purchase, enjoy a day filled with love, happiness and great conversation, or receive a wonderful idea, be thankful. Always recognize and be grateful for all abundance which manifests for you.


    1. Join a group of people focused on bringing wealth and money. There are many ways to hook up with local like-minded people, or get involved in groups online. Power is in the numbers and when you are surrounded by people with the same goals and desires, sharing, planning and progress can be shared and enjoyed.


    1. Make out a huge check to yourself. Use a check from your checkbook, or print out a check online. Make it out to yourself, for any amount you desire, and then sign it from someone wealthy whom you admire. Hang this check somewhere so you can look at it several times per day.


    1. Read books about creating and attracting wealth. Many people have written detailed instructions on how to attract, create and keep wealth. The new philosophy on financial freedom includes more mind work and self-awareness than financial planning and investing. Seek out reading and listening material which encourages you to grow personally and become a magnet for money and prosperity.