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Debt Fix has developed practical information for people free of charge to take control of their finances. Information, fact sheets and calculators or all available through the Debt Fix web site.

Everyone's particular situation is different. The Debt Fix Team believes that you need to speak with people in order to understand their situation. Debt Fix provides products and services nationally including all states and territories.

Debt Fix will look at your particular financial situation and suggest inventive solutions to debt problems. Debt Fix is proudly Australian and aims to bridge the gap between creditor and debtor.

Debt Fix is able to assess your situation and determine what sort of solution is right for you.

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Tips and Articles

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Debt tactics

Debt settlement is one way to get out from under excessive debt. With this tactic it is possible to reduce the amount owed by 25-50%. Find out how it works here...

Looking for more help to better manage your debt? Visit the Debt Fix blog where we regularly add articles and tips for helping you free yourself from debt.

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