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Do you have Bad Debts? Are you getting calls from Debt Collectors? Stressed out?

Need to fix your debts? Been turned down for finance in the past? Thinking about bankruptcy?

Before you do anything, Debt Fix can help.

What a lot of people don't realise is that there is an alternative to bankruptcy, that offers relief and protection from debt collectors and creditors. A Formal Debt Agreement is a simple way to pay your debts; it’s legally binding and allows you to settle your debts over a short period of time at an affordable rate.

Debt Fix has helped hundreds of people turn their situation around. Unlike some other companies that say they will help and then charge a non-refundable fee, Debt Fix will never add to your financial problems, that’s why we have a NO FIX, NO PAY policy.

Added to this, the first consultation is obligation free. We will assess your situation, run through some options and then its up you. This way, its OBLIGATION AND RISK FREE.

Debt Fix is a government registered Debt Agreement Administrator. As a Registered Practitioner, Australian Credit Licence holder and Licenced Finance Broker we have a range of options which are bound to suite you no matter what your situation. Our years of experience has seen us deliver relevant debt solutions and helpful advice to thousands of hardworking Australians.

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Please note: Debt Agreements are for people who are struggling with an unmanageable level of debt, people who can’t get a consolidation loan and people who would prefer not to be Bankrupt. Like any option, it has benefits and consequences and it’s important that you are aware of all of these before you commit to this option.

Some of the benefits include:

  • One affordable and sustainable payment
  • An alternative to bankruptcy
  • No more debt collection
  • You keep your property and assets
  • For many people, Debt Agreements have been able to rescue them from bankruptcy
  • Your debts are settled quickly – usually between 3-5years

Some consequences include:

  • Your credit history will be impaired temporarily
  • Your name will appear on a national register (NPII) temporarily 
  • Making a Debt Agreement is considered an Act of Bankruptcy although it is an alternative to Bankruptcy
  • Making a Debt Agreement will temporarily impact your ability to obtain finance. 
  • Making a Debt Agreement may impact your ability to work in certain industries (eg. accounting, law and finance)  

Before you decide upon a debt agreement, you should consider your circumstances and speak with an expert who will run through all your options. This way, you can be confident it is the right choice for you.