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Cut out debt: 10 Best Ways to Improve Credit Card Debt.

Sometimes life catches you when you are in a bind. For some, it could be an accidental mishap with your car or something in your home that needs urgent repairing. While credit cards can help alleviate some of your money woes, it can also lead you down a rabbit hole of debt. If your credit card de.....
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Credit Card Do’s and Don'ts.

A credit card can be convenient to use when you’re facing unexpected costs. This could be excess on a private health bill, loss in income or emergency surgery for a pet. For many people experiencing a difficult financial situation, a credit card may be the only option to borrow money. In Australia,.....
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Category: Articles, Credit Card Debt

Recovering From Your Holiday Money Hangover.

The holiday season is not only a time of self-indulgence, but we are often too keen to indulge our friends, family and loved ones. For some, every dollar is meticulously planned out, but for most, this isn’t the case. Looking back at your Christmas purchases, you reflect on a time when you spent a .....
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How To Set Smart Financial Goals For The New Year.

New Year is a great time to set financial goals or start your journey to financial freedom. Here are our tops to using the SMART method for setting goals. With 2021 coming to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on the year just gone and set financial goals. The New Year is a great time to start se.....
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5 Genius Tips to Stop Overspending During the Holidays.

It’s tempting to overspend during the holidays, especially when we’re buying gifts for the people we love. In ‘holiday mode’ we experience a holiday high without a care in the world. Until we check our balance at the end of the holiday season, and our euphoric high comes crashing down. In a Finder .....
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5 Things People With Good Credit do Regularly.

Does anyone actually have a good credit score? Is it difficult to have a good credit score? We dive into all things credit score and uncover the routine habits of those with good credit! A good credit score is vital since it influences your borrowing power. Lenders use the term “borrowing power” to .....
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What are the alternatives to bankruptcy?.

Those who are struggling with debt often have fears of bankruptcy because of the negative repercussions. This can include social stigma or the loss of assets. Many people are unaware that there are alternatives to bankruptcy that might stop debt from spiralling out of control before it reaches that .....
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How to pay off credit cards to lower your debt.

Do you have a large amount of credit card debt that feels overwhelming? Even though you may feel like you’re alone, credit card debt is a problem for many Australians. According to the Reserve Bank of Australia, balances accruing interest climbed by $241.7 million in November 2020. However, the deb.....
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Can A Buy Now Pay Later Service Help Me Manage Debt? .

‘Buy now, Pay Later’ services have become a trendy way for people to pay for goods and services when they do not have the cash up-front, and as an easy alternative to credit cards. But before you decide to use a ‘Buy now, Pay Later’ service, it important to know exactly how it will impact your budg.....
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How to get a loan with bad credit?.

When real life happens, it often comes with unforeseen financial challenges. A lot of people find difficulties getting their finances back on track, especially after a change in circumstances or financial hardship. In fact, most people who find themselves in financial difficulty find themselves in .....
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