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Debt Help Management Video Library

Sunrise: How to save on your credit cards

John Symond shares some tips on how to save on your credit card debts and explains how th RBA's interest rate decision affects it.

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Sunrise : Kochie explains the carbon tax changes

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Nine news reporter Ross Greenwood reports on the shopping centre expansions across Sydney

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

News Credit cards Tips to help you manage your plastic

CBS MoneyWatch editor-at-large Jill Schlesinger has some tips to help you manage your credit cards -- from paying your bills on time to building your credit history.

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Mortgage help - Interest rates and mortgage stress - MoneySmart

See how Tran copes when he buys an apartment and interest rates rise. Tran used MoneySmart's mortgage calculator to help with his situation.

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Money Minute: CEO Sleepout inspiration

TODAY finance editor Ross Greenwood provides a tip on how to make the big bucks.

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Money Minute: Lost superannuation

TODAY Finance Editor Ross Greenwood discusses Westpac's aim to get customers back in touch with their super.

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Tony Abbott’s budget reply - Sunrise on 7

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott shares his reaction to the government's budget plan, and says there will never be an honest surplus under Labor.

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Staying financially fit

A quick guide on how to put together a budget and tips for cutting down on personal debt.

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Bully debt collectors exposed on Today tonight

Explosive recordings that show debt collectors bullying the customers of some of Australia's biggest companies have been made public.

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

A lesson on household budgets by Suze Orman

Suze Orman went from being a broke waitress to an expert on household budgets with the ear of everyone from blue collar Americans to the President and now she is in Australia.

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Mrs Frugal’s saving tips on Today tonight

For most of us, the cost of living is rising by about three percent a year, but one savvy Australian is bringing her costs down instead.

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Australia’s number one cheapskate on 9

Cath Armstrong from talks about where you can save money. A new reality show in the USA has the biggest cheapskate and you won't believe what he does to save money.

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Saving tips for women – Delia talks about women – MoneySmart

We asked the ACCC's Delia Rickard what particular issues women have with money, and what women can do to make their money work better for them. Some of the tips are:

  • Start doing a personal budget to see what comes in and out.
  • Set aside money for a personal emergencies.
  • Make more contributions to superannuation when possible.

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Australian banking sector – Out look April 2013

Paul Xiradis (Ausbil) talks to Mark Draper (GEM Capital) about why he believes that the Australian Banks are solid investments, despite their strong run recently.

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

The federal budget in 3 minutes – Australian Labor

The Federal Budget. Why it matters, and what it's all about in 3 minutes

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Breaking the debt cycle – MoneySmart Teaching

Visit for teacher professional learning and resources to help young people be MoneySmart.

Developed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Tax time tips with Scott Pape on The Morning Show 7

Barefoot investor Scott Pape gives tips on how you can legally maximise this year's tax return.

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Superannuation changes hit wealthy retirees on ten

Fri 05/04/13: Speculation about a major overhaul of the superannuation system by the Government was finally put to bed today. The super-rich will be hit with a new tax on their retirement funds as the Government tries to make the scheme more sustainable for low and middle income earners. Matt Doran speaks with Tim Wilson, a Director at the Institute of Public Affairs, a free market think tank. He says the Government's new plan is simply trying to mask its bad budgeting.

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

2013 Budget Summary on ABC

RPCommunityCabinet 13. Extract from ABC's 2013's Budget Special summarising the Federal Budget presented by Australian Treasurer Wayne Swan on May 14. The Budget will almost certainly be a discussed topic at the upcoming Regents Park Community Cabinet as the government campaigns in Western Sydney.

Video clip is by ABC - Used as permitted by the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) in accordance with 'Fair Dealing' principles.

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Tax season 2013 is here: time to file 2012 tax on ABC action News

The first thing you want to do is dig out your 2011 return. You can use it as a helpful guide, since congress did not re-invent the tax code for 2012.

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Cost of living on ten

South Australian households are now being slugged with the most expensive utilities bills in the nation. A new welfare report exposing the cost disparity between the states.

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Money saving tips by Scott Pape

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Tips for first home buyers by Scott Pape

MoneySmart asked the Barefoot Investor, Scott Pape, for his tips on buying a first home. Visit MoneySmart at for more first home buyer tips. Scott covers topics such as: - Advice for first home buyers. - Is now a good time or should you wait? - How much deposit first home buyers have to make. - The best place to save your deposit.

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Money Makes the World go around – Money Smart Teaching

In this video Scott Pape, the Barefoot Investor, highlights why there is a need to teach consumer and financial literacy in schools. Featuring key social trends and compelling statistics, this powerful digital animation illustrates the demands of a modern world on young people when money is invisible. Developed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Changing world of consumerism – Money Smart Teaching by Paul Clitheroe

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Householders brace for big rise on 7 News

The cost of living in Queensland is set to rise drastically. The best way to ease the pain is to shop around.

Tags: Budget plans

Latest breaking news on Interest Rate by Ross Greenwood

9 News Update for interest rate announcement. Features Reuters Business Service ticker on screen with live feed. Peter Overton anchor, Ross Greenwood business editor.

Tags: Budget plans | Interest Rate

Tax tips – Scams by Paul Clitheroe

Beware of scams. If you receive an email, phone call or visit from someone claiming to be from the ATO, be cautious! For more information on how to protect yourself online, go to

Tags: Budget plans | Tax return

Tax tips – Simple mistakes by Paul Clitheroe

When preparing your tax return, make sure all details are entered correctly. If you use pre-filling in e-tax (, make sure you double check the information. This will ensure there are no delays in processing your tax return.

Tags: Budget plans | Tax return

Money Magazine Best of the Best

Home Loans, Credit Cards, Car Loans and Banks. Money magazine has done all the work for you to get the best deal.

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Federal Budget 2013-14 update by Paul Clitheroe

Money expert Paul Clitheroe AM covers off what the Federal Budget means for everyday Australians. Paul is a founding director of financial planning firm ipac, chairman of the Australian Government Financial Literacy Board and chief commentator for Money Magazine.

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Changes to super for 30s and 40s by Australian Tax Office

You may not be worrying too much about your superannuation now, but you might be surprised to hear there's some simple things you can do now that can really make a difference to your retirement income. Watch our video for some great tips.

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Budget breakdown by Scott Pape

Here's what you need to know - and focus on - from the 2012 budget.

Tags: Budget plans | Debt Advice

Tips to deal with debt collectors by Scott Pape

In this video, Amanda asks for the barefoot investors advice as her debt has been sold to debt collector. The scott pape suggests her to check her credit file. He also suggests her to get proof from centrelink.

Tags: Debt Management | Debt Advice

1 in 4 Aussies drowning in debt

A shocking number of Australians are now struggling to stay afloat, according to a new study out this morning.

Tags: Debt Management | Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt on the rise on Sunrise channel 7

Australia's credit card debt has surpassed $50 billion and we pay an estimated $500 million each month in interest alone. CANSTAR Head of Research, Steve Mickenbecker, explains the figures.

Tags: Debt Management | Credit Card Debt

Home Budgeting Advice by Paul Clitheroe

When one of Australia's best budget people hands out free advice you should take a pen and paper and start taking notes. Paul has come up with some great ideas on how to get your budget on the right track.

Tags: Budgetting | Debt Management | Debt Advice

Get money smart by Adam Goulding

A new government run online budget planner is set to help out your budget. The best part is that it is free to all Australians.

Tags: Budget Planner | Credit Card Debt

Unclaimed money campaign by Ross Greenwood

Ross Greenwood from the Today Show presents a Money Minute about the Australian Securities and Investment Commission's unclaimed money campaign (13 November 2012).

Tag: Debt Advice

How to budget by Heidi and Andrew, MoneysmartAU

Heidi and Andrew from the MoneySmart team share their top tips to get your budget up and running. The main ways you can do your budget planning is by: 1. Tracking Your Spending 2. Getting Organised 3. Doing A Budget

Tag: Debt Management Tips

Changes to credit card by Scott Pape

From July 1, changes will be introduced by the Australian government that mean good news for ALL credit cards. Managing your card has never been easier! Go to for more information.

Tags: Credit Card Debt | Debt Advice