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The Debt Relief Plan - Need to fix your debts? Are the debts becoming overwhelming?

Don't worry, Debt Fix can help.

Debt Fix knows that it's often the case that people and credit providers don't see eye-to eye. Debt Fix understands this and is in a perfect position to bridge the gap understanding that sometimes it takes a third party to help solve a problem.

  • The Debt Relief Plan (DRP) is a debt relief solution for people who are struggling to pay their debts as well as living costs.
  • It’s a powerful alternative to Bankruptcy or a Part IX Debt Agreement
  • Developed by Administrators, Creditors and other debt industry stakeholders, the DRP is for people who have multiple debts and creditors, but prefer not make a formal option such as Bankruptcy or a Part IX Debt Agreement.
  • The DRP is for people who can’t get a loan and have exhausted other options to deal with unmanageable debt.

After making a Debt Relief Plan, your participating creditors will agree to freeze interest and debt collection and you will pay an affordable fixed amount over a set period of time (usually 5 years).

Once you have met your obligations set out in the plan, you will be released from any liability owed to participating creditors.

Importantly, the DRP will not be recorded on your Credit History. This said, once you enter a DRP you may find it difficult to obtain finance whilst party to an active DRP. Registered creditors will be required to confirm they will not credit default you whilst party to an active DRP.

If you don’t qualify for a Part IX Debt Agreement under the Bankruptcy Act because you earn too much, exceed the asset threshold or owe too much money to creditors, a DRP could be a great option to assist you regain control of your unmanageable debt and avoid the harsh consequences of Bankruptcy.

Added to this, the first consultation is obligation free. Debt Fix will assess your situation, run through some options and then it's up to you.

This way, its OBLIGATION AND RISK FREE. Debt Fix will assess your situation and suggest practical solutions to real financial problems. We will contact creditors and explain your situation to them and negotiate a win/win outcome.

Making a DRP may help you by allowing you to pay your debts in a way that's easier without the stress of debt collectors contacting you. 

Terms and conditions do apply and there is a suitability criteria which must be met however, with our guidance the Debt Relief Plan could be a great way to regain control of your situation.  

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