A budget is a key ingredient to a brighter financial future. A budget helps you plan ahead, like a roadmap, and should be revised regularly to avoid getting "lost". Budgets are a tool to help regain control of your finances. Despite how important a budget is, most people don't have one. Most people have a rough idea of how much they make per week but believe it or not, most people spend more than they make not knowing exactly where the money goes. A budget is a great way to show exactly where money is being spent, and where possible cutbacks could be made. Subsequently, a budget is a great starting point for a savings plan. In reality, most people don't know where to start when setting a budget. Debt Fix recommends that you start with what you make (income) and subtract what you spend (expenses) considering all outgoings as honestly as possible. If it helps, Debt Fix recommends you keep a diary of these details. Debt Fix can help you set a budget. Debt Fix can assess your situation and suggest real financial solutions to real financial problems. We can review where your hard earned money is going and suggest ways to improve your situation. Debt Fix understands debtors and creditors needs, and can help bridge the gap through providing a practical, real approach. To learn more about Debt Fix, Contact us now Key Message Budgets are a great way to start a savings plan. Savings are the cornerstone of financial independence and growing wealth. Debt Fix suggests you take a realistic approach and review the budget often.