Written by: Nick Bregozzo

Are you looking for a debt advice to help pay off your debt? Do you long to be debt free? Many consumers with more than one credit card often end up with a lot of debts they cannot pay on time, since having multiple cards can increase the temptation to spend more.

People with multiple credit cards often spend more money on late payment charges, penalty fees and increased interest rates. It can be very overwhelming at times.

Ultimately, the more debt you have, the harder it is to be in control of your finances which only leads to increased indebtedness. If left unattended, the situation could even lead you to consider bankruptcy for relief.

Fortunately, there are ways to address the problem and bring about some relief.
A popular way to deal with debt is through debt consolidation. Through debt consolidation you can regain control of your finances and become debt free sooner.

There are many ways to consolidate your debts so it’s important that you obtain advice from expert organisations. The Government has taken steps to improve financial literacy by introducing ASIC’s Moneysmart website. This site serves to provide unbiased and useful information to consumers with money problems and financial needs.
How Credit Card Debt Consolidation Can Benefit Me?

Debt Consolidation provides the benefits of addressing the hassle of paying multiple credit cards, different amounts at different times. It’s a more convenient way of managing debts; however in order to help you understand the benefits of debt consolidation, consider the following:

1. Single Debt — Through debt consolidation you can better manage your debts and prevent juggling multiple credit card debts. Imagine, no more worrying about different credit card payments every month.

2. No More Harassment - When you consolidate your debt, you no longer have to receive threatening calls from those previous creditors as the debt consolidation will effectively settle all those outstanding debts and satisfy all the previous creditors. In other words, you can have your peace of mind back again.

3. Overall Burden Reduced Significantly - the right debt consolidation can help reduce your debt significantly, as there should be an overall financial benefit.
4. Save and Prevent You from Bankruptcy —Debt Consolidation gives you another chance to clear your debts and make it easier for you to manage your finances again. You can feel more secure when you are receiving reliable credit card advice.

Why Do You Need Debt Advice?

Australians should only seek assistance from trusted experts in order to address their financial crisis. If you can’t deal directly with the bank or debt collection agencies then it is best to get advice from an expert.

A debt consolidation expert can bring your finances back in order and provide a simplified monthly budget making it possible for you to start saving money again.

Naturally, some private companies will charge a fee for their services so it’s important to shop around. Only go with a company that has a proven track record and make sure there are no “hidden fees”. If the debt consolidation company can’t provide a solution, then find out what fees, if any are payable and see if they offer a money back guarantee.

If you can’t afford to see a private company, Financial Counsellors provide some great advice and can speak with your creditors for you so you don’t have to.

Finally, there is a wealth of information to be found online although we would urge you to do some research and make sure that the company or organisation is reputable. A great way to see whether or not a company is reputable or not is to see whether they are government registered or members of any industry body.
Many people take advise from friends or family, however whilst they may be well intentioned, they may not be experts in the field and the advice could backfire.