Buying and paying off your family home will be one of the biggest events to ever take place in an individuals lifetime. Sometimes the burden of paying off the family home can be overwhelming and as a result we turn to credit as a means to freeing up cash for other purposes (e.g. the purchase of personal items). For a while everything seems OK until the amount of high interest credit card debt becomes to much to service and you are starting to fall behind. Your current mortgage lender holds your loan and you turn to them to try and release some equity in your mortgage/property loan to help pay those high interest credit cards and personal loans. However your current lender is saying no for reasons like your mortgage got behind or they feel you have too much debt. What do you do now? Call a company that specialises in helping people in your exact circumstances, like Debt Fix Pty Ltd. To move your current mortgage and consolidate your debts is called re-finance. Re-financing works differently from when you first may have taken out your original loan. Generally, less documentation is required to re-finance an existing mortgage, and can lead to a suitable option in dealing with those high interest debts. When re-financing it is important to look at all your debts and trying to fit them into the re-finance plan. A good broker will help you speak to your creditors, especially if they are pressing for payments through the use of mercantile agents, solicitors and the courts. If you are looking at re-finance to consolidate high interest debt you should use a broker that specialises in dealing with these type of circumstances, Debt Fix are specialist in dealing with credit impairment and unusual debt situations. If you work with your broker and gather all information and statements as required through the re-finance process, a seemingly difficult debt situation can be turned into a positive result where you can take control of your financial destiny.