The current condition of the economy has had an impact on everyone, and many people have asked themselves if it is a safe time to invest, with many people withdrawing their funds entirely. The answer is yes, now is just as safe a time as any to invest, but you must be smart and be savvy enough to plan ahead a little. Withdrawing your funds certainly won't make you richer, and it actually worsens the burden on the economy.

However, while you should still invest, it is also a good idea to play it safe.…  If you normally engage in high-risk investments, it is a good idea to pull back a little bit. Instead focus your efforts on stocks, bonds and any money markets that seem the most stable. Also, now is a better time than any to pay close attention to your stocks. Monitoring your stocks daily is a good idea, as fluctuations in prices are more than twice what they normally are in this economy.

That said, there are some businesses that have been booming since the recession. Obviously, these are types of businesses you want to invest in. Discount stores, such as Wal-Mart, have been simply thriving in this economy, as have other discount chains like Dollar Tree and Costco. Grocery stores have also been doing well, with companies such as Kroger soaring higher and higher on the market.

The reason these companies are doing so well is obvious: In tough economic times, people have less money to spare, and thus have to go to the places where they can stretch their dollar.

So the smart investor will capitalize on this by paying attention to these businesses, and investing in the most stable.…  By planning ahead and playing it smart, you will be able to thrive in this recession as well.