Debt in Australia has reached an all time high. The average Australian owes twice as much now as they did ten years ago. Credit and store cards, mobile phones bills, petrol prices, interest rates and the general cost of living have all contributed to this situation. The social impact of debt is difficult to quantify however, you only have to look at the disintegration of the family unit and the increasing number of people turning to drugs and alcohol to realise that debt is a huge problem for society. Increasingly, mothers and fathers are working two jobs just to pay bills, and except for passing each other as they get ready for their second job, they would not see each other. Conversely, middle-aged men and women are being made redundant in favour of casual employment, and despite years of experience, employers are reluctant to recruit an aging workforce.

People are becoming more and more reliant on credit to survive. The problem is, it's very easy for this situation to get out of hand and when the bills need to be paid often, the money is just not there. When the debt collectors call to ask for a payment, all they want to hear is how much you can pay and when can you pay it. Many people simply do not know how to cope with this situation and as the phone calls and letters keep coming, they ignore them, hoping that somehow the issue will resolve itself. Debt Fix can help. Debt Fix can assess your situation and suggest real financial solutions to real financial problems. We can contact creditors and explain to them what the situation is. Debt Fix understands debtors and creditors needs, and can help bridge the gap through providing a practical, empathetic approach. To learn more about Debt Fix, Contact us now Key Thought If you are struggling, help is available. Don't let pride stand in the way of turning your situation around. If Debt Fix can't help, we will put you in touch with someone that can.