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Debt Fix Commitment Statement

As a reflection of our sincerity in dealing with our clients, we agree to be bound by the following commitment statement. In order for our work together to be as productive as possible, we also ask our clients to make a few commitments to us. By agreeing to these simple items, we both indicate our acceptance of these terms of our relationship and understand what to expect from each other.

Our Commitment to you:

  • Our team will always consist of talented professionals so that we can provide the highest quality of service.
  • We will respect absolutely the confidentiality of our relationship and we will act with integrity in everything we do.
  • We are committed to understanding your individual needs and to tailoring our services accordingly.
  • We will provide clearly defined and highly responsive services to you.
  • We will always be there to help you implement solutions by providing tools and knowledge.
  • We will return all communications from you by the end of the next business day.
  • We will provide you with competent and outstanding referrals to fulfil needs that fall outside our expertise.
  • We will honour our commitments to you absolutely.

Your Commitment to us:

  • You will be open and honest with us at all times.
  • You will consider the advice we offer, however we acknowledge your right to accept or reject it.
  • You will provide us with the information we request within the time-frame agreed upon.
  • You will honour your financial obligations and if you have difficulty doing so, you will contact us immediately.
  • You will return our communications as promptly as possible.


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