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Wealth Management Services

Create wealth from small beginnings. Make sure your hard earned money is invested wisely. Protect yourself and your family by investing your money, paving the way to your future prosperity. Knowing where to turn can be daunting, that’s why Debt Fix has partnered with professional financial advisors to ensure you receive the very best advice, simply explained, every time.

3 easy ways to build wealth

It doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen on its own. Creating wealth takes time and careful attention. Smart investing can happen in 3 easy ways:

$300 Vital Financial Plan:

Choice between Superannuation/ Insurance OR Wealth Creation.

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$500 Classic Financial Plan:

Both Superannuation/Insurance And Wealth Creation.

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$1000 Select Financial Plan:

Covers all Financial Bases.

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  • Build a more secure future for you and your family.
  • Simple, easy to understand choices
  • Understand what is happening with your investment every building block of the way.
  • Professional, Reliable, Trustworthy, and strictly confidential services.
  • Enjoy a happy, long term commitment that’s both affordable and prosperous.

Getting Started…

Make a phone call or send us an e-mail. We will have a chat and work on solutions together.

Confidential, Free of charge and obligation free

Create wealth using Debt Fix and its strategic partner as your guide, making the most of opportunities. Your first consultation is obligation-FREE and FREE of charge, so what have you got to lose?
Here at Debt Fix, we believe financial planning is not just for the rich; we believe everybody deserves to benefit from financial wellbeing.

Your Super, Your Choice

Make the most of your superannuation. Let Debt Fix and its strategic partners guide you with simple, plain English.

  • Consolidating your super
  • Finding lost super
  • Invest you super to maximize your return
  • Insurance within super
  • Obtaining the government co-contribution


Is insurance a good idea to have? It depends. Do you have a spouse or children? Is there a possibility that you could get hurt and be unable to work? Insurance can be used as a buffer against the crunch of financial hardship. We have a look at your situation so that we can guide you to the answer suitable to your needs.

We can have a look at:

  • Income Protection
  • Life Insurance
  • Total and Permanent Disability Insurance
  • Trauma Cover

If you have any questions, call. We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS.

What our clients say


Everyone has goals for tomorrow, next year, and down the road. But to reach those goals, it takes short, medium, and long term investment strategies.

Additionally, everyone also has different attitudes towards different levels of risk-taking.

Moneyfix has to spend time with you to know what risks you are willing to take and what goals you have. Afterwards, Moneyfix can guide you on your way to reaching your goals.

If you have any questions, call our professional team. We offer free consultations.

Moneyfix takes into account

While everyone's goals are different, they all rely on short, medium and long term investment strategies to make them a reality. We can provide you with genuine opportunities to invest for real growth in net worth, through a range of carefully researched and selected savings and managed investment products.

Our approach to investment is designed to maximise investment upside, whilst minimising investment risk. Each of our clients is individually profiled to determine the level of investment risk that each can bear. Everyone has a different risk profile, and it is vital that we spend time to determine our clients individual attitude toward risk.

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Initially, we provide a free, no obligation consultation to find out what your concerns are, and determine how we can be of help. We do this over a nice cup of tea or a cafe quality cappuccino if you like, in a relaxing and friendly environment.

Hopefully, we can show you, as we have for many others, how to:

  • Maximise your superannuation benefits!
  • Help you own the home of your dreams!
  • Build a retirement fund that will fill your needs!
  • Have enough money to send your Children to the best schools!
  • Deal with the ever rising cost of everyday living!
  • Pay those credit card debts off once and for all!