Editorial featured in The Newcastle Herald Father of two, Brandon Gallow has lost his house and with interest rate rising, more families will be in the same situation. …  The Gallow family has gone without food and luxuries for months just trying to cover their mortgage repayments, but to no avail. Mr Gallow says selling the family home was devastating. Debt Fix is 100% Australian owned and committed to helping people like the Gallow family, by offering a range of solutions and assisting people drowning in debt. Such options include mortgage refinance, conforming loans and debt consolidation. Grant O’Donnell (CEO and Founder of Debt Fix), says ”We pride ourselves in being the best at what we do i.e. helping people out of debt. Even though it was too late for the Gallow family, if you’re struggling with debt, the time to act is now”. Mr O’Donnell says ”Had the Gallow family approached us, we may have looked at refinancing their property to pay their credit card debts and personal loans, relieving the pressure of high interest repayments or consolidating their debt into one manageable and affordable repayment.” Mr O’Donnell says ”Through refinancing, you convert your home equity into cash and in so doing, pay off high interest credit cards and more. When it comes to paying off consumer debts, we have built our success through negotiating with creditors lump sum settlements, saving our clients thousands” Mr O’Donnell believes that as life changes, so too should your mortgage. In the past, inflexible lending institutions and high charges have made that impossible. Moving to a cheaper loan or one with features that are better suited to your needs can mean big cost savings. "Debt Fix has a choice of 30 different lenders that gives us complete flexibility to make sure we can come up with a home loan solution that's right for each client," Mr O’Donnell said. ”Whilst we specialise in helping people with debt issues, we also provide lending solutions for anyone” Mr O’Donnell says ”Even though lending is a big part of our business, Debt Fix also offers a range of other options including formal debt consolidation. Everyone’s situation is different and Debt Fix has options to suite anyone (no matter how bleak the situation may seem)” Debt Fix offers a free, no-obligation assessment of your situation, without judgement so call Debt Fix today on 1300 332 834 or email help@debtfix.com.au, and let the experts help you regain control of your situation.