When you have debts that are spiralling out of control, you will be all too familiar with debt collection calls. For many people, an overwhelming sense of dread comes over them when the phone rings if they believe the person calling is a debt collector. This is no way to live. Essentially, you have two ways to approach this problem. First, you can ignore it and hope it goes away or second, you can address it head on and try to regain control over the situation. Of course, Debt Fix recommends the latter approach, but believe it or not most people tend to bury their head in the sand and hope the debt problem will go away or sort itself out. Of course, the debt problem doesn't go away and will not resolve itself.

The best approach to deal with this debt problem is to meet it head on. When a debt collector contacts you, they need to know 2 things:

  1. When are you going to pay?
  2. How much are you going to pay?

For the person in debt, the reason for not being able to pay the bill is the most important thing, however, its fair to say that some debt collectors are apathetic. From their point of view, they've heard every story imaginable from there being a death in the family, a car accident, sudden unemployment etc. This being the case it's easy to see how a debt collector can become desensitised and/or sceptical.

When you receive a call from a debt collector, be prepared and stay calm. Never promise to pay an amount of money that you can't afford. If you make a promise you can't keep (just to get them off the phone), you will run the risk of the matter escalating.

Being prepared also means you should know your rights. There are laws to protect people from being intimidated or threatened by debt collectors. Also debt collectors have designated times to call and limitations on how often they can call you. Debt Fix has previously written articles about these laws in addition to some great Government websites detailing debt collection practices and consumer rights. One website in particular that has a wealth of information is www.fido.gov.au.

Debt collectors can often be abrupt and rude and it's easy to understand how the relationship can break down. Despite this, it's important to try to keep the relationship as positive as possible. If this is impossible, and the relationship breaks down, it may be necessary to seek the help of a Debt Management company like Debt Fix to act on your behalf. Debt Fix specialises in bridging the gap between people with unmanageable debts and their creditors.

How To Handle Debt Collection Calls

To handle debt collection calls, remember that you have the following rights:

  1. The Right to Peace and Quiet
  2. The Right to Cease All Contact
  3. The Right to Demand Proof
  4. The Right to Be Treated With Respect
  5. The Right to Pay Your Debts the Way You Want
  6. The Right to Fight Back

Debt Fix can assess your situation, teach you how to handle debt collectors and suggest real financial solutions to real financial problems. We can contact creditors and explain to them what the situation is. Debt Fix understands debtors and creditors needs, and can help bridge the gap through providing a practical, real approach.

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Important Tip: If you are struggling financially, don't wait for the debt collectors to call you. Open and honest communication is an essential part of breaking the cycle of debt.