Is your home or garage getting cluttered by old appliances, outdated electronics, DVDs you never watch and clothes you never wear? You're not alone.

A survey by the Australian Institute found that 88 percent of homes have at least one cluttered room, which makes 40 percent of people feel anxious, guilty or depressed. What's more, the average Aussie spends a whopping $1,226 every year buying items they never use.

Deciding to cut out these unnecessary expenses is a great start. Next, you should find out how to convert your old junk into money, to solve the clutter problem and help you recoup some of those costs. Here are four of the best places to sell your unwanted goods:


The grandfather of online marketplaces is still the best place to buy and sell a huge range of items, since you're advertising to an engaged audience of over 160 million users. To list an item on eBay, you need to pay a small listing price (with optional extras to promote your listing) and eBay takes 10 percent of the final sale.

You can sell pretty much anything on eBay, but since you have access to such a wide pool of customers, it can be the ideal place to list valuable, rare and collectable items that many people will pay top dollar for – from high-end clothing to retro video games.

Facebook Groups

Facebook launched its own Marketplace to rival eBay and Craigslist a couple of years back, but it hasn't really taken off. That's okay, because Facebook users have been using the social network to sell their stuff all along anyway.

Around 450 million users visit buy/sell groups every month according to Facebook. These groups are especially useful for finding local buyers or niche interests, and with more than half of Australians visiting Facebook every day, you won't find a larger regional audience.

Pawn shops

If you don't want to go through the hassle of dealing with customers and just want some quick cash in hand, local pawnbrokers could be the answer – as long as you find a reputable store and you're selling something they want.

Pawn shops love quality items that never go out of fashion, with the highest prices paid for diamonds and precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. Jewellery and watches are next on the list, after which you'll notice prices start to drop off for less timeless goods like smartphones and other electronics.

Garage Sales

When you've already got rid of your most valuable and unique items, the rest can be sorted out with a good old-fashioned garage sale. This is the best option for low-value goods that might not be worth the listing fee on eBay, as well as heavy items like furniture and appliances that you don't want to arrange shipping for.

Even if you don't end up making much from your garage sale, it's a great opportunity to sell stuff you don't need to people who do, as well as saving space in your home and easing the strain on landfill. Now make sure you control your impulse spending so you don't have to go through it all again!

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