When it comes to saving on purchases there are some sure fire ways to make it happen. A plethora of people already realize that there are some distinct advantages to purchasing second hand wares when possible.

As long as the items are in good condition and available for a reasonable price, why would a person not take advantage of the opportunity to save? Buying second hand saves you money, allows someone other than a faceless corporation to put a few bucks in their pocket while saving the item from ending up in a land fill, gives you a thrifty feeling (especially if you haggled for a better deal) and so much more. There are tons of ways to take advantage of great deals on second hand items.

Look at the popularity of online auction sites and classifieds. There are a multitude of listings and sales involving gently used items every day. Even with the shipping fees that can possibly come into play, the opportunities to find a winning deal are numerous.

Flea markets can be a lot of fun to go to. You never know what you might find. There are flea markets of varying sizes all over the place. Some are strictly indoor or outdoor, but most have vendors both indoors and out. Flea markets have some awesome deals. You can often get your hands on brand new merchandise for pennies on the dollar at places of this nature as well.

Second hand stores can be found in most any nook and cranny. You will see them advertised as new and used stores, consignment shops, resale shops and other names of this sort. From clothes and house wares to books, toys and furniture and everything in between, there are deals to be had at your local second hand store.

Spending the weekend rummaging through stuff at garage sales and raising your bid card at auctions is actually pretty interesting in a lot of cases. Sometimes people practically give away things that are worth a small fortune (antiques and collectibles primarily).

Newspaper ads are another place to search for items you need and would like to pick up used. In addition to local newspapers, most areas have papers that are devoted strictly to classified ads.

Keep in mind that just as you can easily make purchases of used items to save money, you can also use those same places to sell your unwanted stuff for quick cash.

…© 2009 Angelia Hoffman