If you are looking at ways to cut your expenses and multiply your savings, chances are you are not alone. People from all walks of life are on a mission to make a dent in the financial struggles they are being suffocated by daily. Now is the best time to look at ways to work together to reap the most benefits in regards to economic situations.

Carpooling is one of the top ways you can save on transportation costs. Get together with coworkers and create a plan for an office carpool. Neighborhood parents can make arrangements to take turns getting the children to and from school. This might also be a possibility with extra-curricular activities depending on certain factors. Plan to take small shopping trips together with a friend who is going to the same store. With everyone taking turns driving, you will save money and time, reduce vehicle wear and tear and contribute less to the pollution of the environment all at the same time.

Rather than paying for babysitters all of the time, consider swapping with other parents who live close by. This can be a great way to enjoy a night out without having to spend money on a babysitter. You will need to set up a system that is fair to all. Try a credit based system where everyone starts with a certain number of credits and must then take a turn watching someone’s children in order to earn more. Each time you have someone watch your children, you lose a credit and the family who babysits gains one.

Start a coupon co-op with friends, family, coworkers and neighbors. Accomplish this by simply clipping all of the coupons you have access to and then adding the ones you do not want to a box. If you are doing this at work, have everyone bring the coupons they do not want to add to the box. The box can then be left in the break room (or some other appointed location) for everyone to select the coupons they need. If it is a neighborhood affair, you could simply pass the box around from one house to the other or hold a coupon co-op get together every so often. You get the idea.

Almost anything that is a normal part of daily life can be shared in a co-op or pool of some sort. Getting together with a group of your peers to create a plan of action will help reduce spending and increase the ability to build savings.

…© 2009 Angelia Hoffman