With Christmas just around the corner, it's important not to go crazy with the credit cards if you want to avoid a New Year financial hangover. Easier said than done? Here are Debt Fix's top six tips to managing your spending and debts over the holiday period:

1. Keep your credit card purchases within a reasonable limit, and don't overspend. A gift bought with a credit card costs more, so you need to consider this before you use a credit card.

2. "Cash is King" and this is especially true over the holiday period. Using cash instead of credit helps you to avoid a massive holiday debt all together. Ideally, you should put a little aside each week from your pay starting from June.

3. Set a budget and keep to it. A strict, disciplined budget will help prevent overspending.

4. Avoid impulse purchases and extravagant gifts if you can't afford them. You don't need to spend a fortune because the people in your life probably prefer simple and meaningful over expensive and useless.

5. Shop using the internet to save money. Goods can be purchased at a fraction of their normal retail price.

6. If you absolutely must use your credit card, use the credit card with the lowest rate of interest and don't spend more than you can afford - unless you want to risk paying off this year's Christmas debt, next year.

Remember, Christmas is a time to be around those you care for most and to share quality time. It's very easy to get caught up in the hype and over-commercialism side of the holiday, so you need to be conscience of this and plan ahead of time.