With costs on the rise and income steadily declining, it is no wonder the search is on for ways to increase savings. For more years than anyone reading this can probably remember, there has been an old adage that a penny saved is a penny earned. For those of you who do not subscribe to the idea that it takes pennies to make dollars, now is the time to change your way of thinking. Try some of these simple but effective ways to bolster your bank account.

Save the change you have always had the tendency to cast aside; it adds up in no time. Keep an old jar or dish around the house and empty the change from your pockets or purse into it each day. Something clear is ideal as it allows you to see your progress.

When you receive change at drive-thru windows it generally does not make it to your purse or pocket. It ends up in the cup holder, glove compartment or on the floor boards. Remedy this by placing a small container in your car and put the change inside. The next time you pull up to the drive thru, use the change so you can get more green stuff back in your hand.

At some point you will want to cash in your change. Avoid using machines such as the Coin Star machine at the grocery store. The majority of these charge you a fee. Take your coins to the bank. As long as you have an account, there typically will be no charge to cash in your change.

If you have a washer and dryer at home, pretend you are at the local Laundromat and pay yourself for each load you wash and dry. Put a container in your laundry room and add at least a dollar to it every time you run a load of clothes through. If you do not want to hunt for cash, use marbles or poker chips to keep track of how many loads you have done. Tally them each month and add that amount to your savings.

Additionally, if you go anywhere that tipping is customary, tip yourself the same amount as you did the person who provided service to you. If you are usually a generous tipper, you will manage to save quite a bit by doing this. When you get your paycheck, be sure to set aside some portion of it. Even if you pay yourself only five dollars, it will help you grow your savings.

As you can see, there are some absolutely simple ways you can stash away money each and every day. Even the smallest efforts can make a big change in your overall savings.

…© 2009 Angelia Hoffman