When it comes to saving money on everyday purchases, buying in bulk can be a life saver. There are various methods involved in this process, but it is not hard to get the hang of it at all.

The first rule of buying in bulk is to be sure you are not overbuying perishable items. It will do you no good to pay two dollars for a ten pound bag of potatoes if you only use three of the potatoes and throw away the rest because they spoiled.

The same rule applies to items such as diapers. If a baby is growing quickly and you buy a box of 228 diapers, there is a chance the diapers will be too small before the box is anywhere near empty. This becomes a waste of money.

As long as you shop with some modicum of sense, you should be able to save money rather than misuse it. Just because something is a good deal does not mean you should buy it. If it will not be used, it does not need to go home with you. There are a few other things to keep in mind as well.

Buying in bulk does not only mean that you are buying from a wholesale or membership club. If you go to the dollar store and there is a closeout on the shampoo your teenager uses, you need to go ahead and buy as much as you can (within reason). If you normally pay even five dollars for the shampoo and can get it for one dollar during this particular trip, you are getting an amazing deal on something that will be used. So even if you walk out of the store spending ten dollars on the shampoo you had not planned to spend, you will still have saved forty dollars in the long run.

Pay attention to price per unit when shopping. You may go to the wholesale warehouse and see a case of spaghetti sauce for twelve dollars. The case has three jars of sauce in it, so the price per jar is four dollars. Last time you were at the grocery store you bought it for three dollars and fifty cents per bottle. Obviously the case of sauce needs to stay on the shelf and you need to buy your next jar at the grocery store.

Whenever you can combine a sale price with coupons it is a good time to stock up. Watch for closeouts even in the grocery store. You never know when you might spot your next money saving bulk purchase.

…© 2009 Angelia Hoffman