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Can A Buy Now Pay Later Service Help Me Manage Debt? .

‘Buy now, Pay Later’ services have become a trendy way for people to pay for goods and services when they do not have the cash up-front, and as an easy alternative to credit cards. But before you decide to use a ‘Buy now, Pay Later’ service, it important to know exactly how it will impact your budg.....
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Category: Debt Help

Can I Escape Debt Overseas?.

Jetting off for a new life overseas is a fresh start, but it doesn't mean you can wipe the slate clean. If you've built up credit card debt, unpaid taxes, a student loan or other borrowed and owed money you haven't paid, it could follow you to your new home or affect your finances from afar. Whatev.....
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Category: Debt Help

How to Avoid 'Debt Lag' when Travelling Abroad.

For many Australians, a relaxing holiday is followed up by stressful debt repayments when they arrive back home, as they struggle to pay off the loans and credit cards used to fund their trips away. If you don't want your holiday spending to spoil the rest of your year, following these 5 tips could.....
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Category: Budgeting, Debt Help

How to Cope with Record Household Debt.

While many developed countries have seen debt levels declining in the decade since the global financial crisis, Australia's personal debt is today among the highest in the world compared to GDP. According to the latest OECD data for 2016, Australians owe a combined $2 trillion of personal debt, wit.....
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Category: Debt Help, Debt Management

5 Excuses That Keep People in Debt.

From mortgages and credit cards to student loans, nearly all Australians are in debt at some time in their lives, but it doesn't have to stay that way. While there can be many factors keeping you in the red, sometimes a change of attitude and adjusting your priorities can go a long way towards getti.....
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Category: Debt Help, Debt Tips

Do I Really Need an Emergency Fund? Here are the Benefits.

Roof leaking out of the blue? Car broken down in the middle of a highway? The unfortunate aspect of emergencies is that you never know when they are going to occur. These scenarios may consequently lead to you being hundreds OR even thousands of dollars out of pocket. However, an emergency fund cou.....
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Category: Debt Help