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What Are the Alternatives to Payday Loans?.

Bottom Line: Payday loans might seem like a convenient option, but compared to conventional loans, the interest rates can be extremely high - as much as 48% in some cases. When you apply for a loan with another provider or a credit card, the lender will view your credit file and will see that you’ve.....
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How the 50/20/30 Budget Rule Could Help You Save.

More than 1 in 3 people in Australia live from paycheck to paycheck, according to UBank research. If you feel like there's never any money left at the end of the month, the 50/20/30 budgeting rule could help you to take better control of your finances. This rule of thumb was popularised by Elizabet.....
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Can I Get a Loan with Bad Credit or No Credit?.

If you've got a low credit score, or you haven't built any credit, this can limit your options if you need to borrow money. Improving your credit score will improve your prospects, but this takes time. If you need money more urgently, you can compare non-conforming loans to find the best deal. What.....
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Should I Take Out a Loan to Pay Off My Credit Card?.

Australians owe around $45 billion in total credit card debt. Many people are trapped in a vicious cycle of debt with cards charging interest as high as 20%. If you're struggling under the weight of debt, paying off your credit card with a personal loan at lower interest could leave you better off, .....
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Will Bankruptcy Clear All My Debts?.

Bottom Line: Bankruptcy may seem like an attractive solution if you’re trapped under a mountain of debt that you can’t repay. It might be the right option in some circumstances but it is not the only option. You should be aware of other personal insolvency solutions such as a Debt Agreement or Pers.....
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Credit Card vs. Personal Loan: Which Is More Affordable?.

Bottom Line: Credit card use has increased by 46% over the past decade, while personal loans lag behind at just 17%, despite their lower costs overall. Personal loans are generally the better option for large or long-term expenses and they can have other advantages too. You should avoid using credi.....
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Category: Debt Management

How to Cope with Record Household Debt.

While many developed countries have seen debt levels declining in the decade since the global financial crisis, Australia's personal debt is today among the highest in the world compared to GDP. According to the latest OECD data for 2016, Australians owe a combined $2 trillion of personal debt, wit.....
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Category: Debt Help, Debt Management

How to Get Approved for a Loan.

Whether you're applying for a mortgage or a personal loan, you need to have some assurance that your request will be approved. Not only is a loan rejection disappointing and demotivating, it could also make it harder to get approved from other lenders, as the rejection may show up on your credit re.....
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