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How to Deal with Debt Collectors

When you have debts that are spiralling out of control, you will be all too familiar with debt collection calls. For many people, an overwhelming sense of dread comes over them when the phone rings if they believe the person calling is a debt collector. This is no way to live. Essentially, you have ... READ MORE

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Do’s and Don’ts of Saving Money

Saving money, it’s on all of our minds these days. For many it’s an impossible expectation. The truth is though, if you can save even a few dollars a month, it really is better than nothing. Follow these do’s and don’ts that will add a little money to your savings account: D... READ MORE


Your Financial Health: Be Wary of “No Payments for One Year Credit Accounts“

By Susan M. Keenan …©2010 How many times have you seen a store advertise special deals such as ”No payments for 6 months” or ”No payments for one year” on any store purchase of a certain value or higher? Probably, you have seen these advertisements at least onc... READ MORE

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Be on the Lookout for New Credit Card Fees and Charges

by beconrad As the long awaited credit card reforms President Obama signed into law take effect, consumers will need to watch their mailboxes and their credit card statements for new fees, new terms and new charges.…  Credit card companies are already trying to make up the revenue they expect to lo... READ MORE


The Common Characteristics of Debt-Free People

Living a debt-free lifestyle means thinking simply, directly, and sometimes ever-so-slightly out of the box. It means taking on a new manner of thinking, and it means prioritising in a way that changes lives. Those who live a debt-free life share very specific characteristics. It’s no accident... Continue reading

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4 Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying a Home

Buying a home is a big step for a lot of individuals, couples and families. However, rising household debt in Australia indicates that many home buyers are jumping into home ownership before they can really afford it. Here are 4 things that you should consider before purchasing a house: Why do a... Continue reading

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Normalising Debt vs. Living debt Free

With Australian Household debt rates rising higher than ever, it’s easy to normalise your debt as everyone begins to think of debt as normal. But normalising debt can lead you to fall into deeper debt, causing a debt-cycle. So instead of taking out another loan to finance your next purchase, f... Continue reading

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How To Save Up For A Vacation!

Family on a Vacation

Longing to go on vacation but still have debts to pay? Everyone needs and deserves a vacation once in a while to relax, rest and rejuvenate. But sometimes financial stress can make it hard to save up for a vacation and cause you to put it off altogether. But don’t fret! Here are some ways you ... Continue reading

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Paying Off Debt vs. Saving for Emergencies

saving for emegencies

It is often hard to choose between paying off a debt and saving for emergencies. This brings us to the age old question – “Should I save up or pay off my debts first?” To answer this question, let’s look at the pros of both sides of the argument. In Favour Of Paying Off De... Continue reading

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2 Main Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

improve credit score

Is your credit score not looking too great at the moment? From getting loan rejections to rejected credit card increases - the plethora of disadvantages associated with a bad credit score can often be difficult to deal with. To see how we can improve credit score, let’s first take a look at th... Continue reading

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