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Debt Management Tips

Australia's New Credit Card Restrictions Protect Borrowers from Spiralling Debt.

If you've heard about the changes to credit card rules that are being introduced this year in Australia, you might be wondering how they apply to you. The good news is that these reforms are designed to protect consumers by preventing banks, credit card companies and other lenders from using disrep.....
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Don't Let Your Wedding Drive You into Debt.

Social pressure for 'Instagram perfect' weddings is leading many Australian couples to begin their married lives deep in debt. Overspending on the big day can have consequences many years down the line if you don't plan and budget carefully, especially if you're already struggling to pay off a mort.....
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Category: Debt Management

5 Excuses That Keep People in Debt.

From mortgages and credit cards to student loans, nearly all Australians are in debt at some time in their lives, but it doesn't have to stay that way. While there can be many factors keeping you in the red, sometimes a change of attitude and adjusting your priorities can go a long way towards getti.....
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Will Getting Married Affect My Debt?.

Bottom Line: There are some exceptions when a husband or wife may find themselves legally responsible for paying off debt taken out by the other party, before or during the marriage. You might be responsible for your partner’s debt if you have a joint account, you act as a guarantor, you open an ac.....
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Category: Debt Management

Paying Off Debt vs. Saving for Emergencies.

It is often hard to choose between paying off a debt and saving for emergencies. This brings us to the age old question – “Should I save up or pay off my debts first?” To answer this question, let’s look at the pros of both sides of the argument. In Favour Of Paying Off Debt Paying off debt before .....
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Category: Debt Tips