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The Ins and Outs of Getting Personal Loans With Bad Credit.

If you have bad credit and need a personal loan, then you may be exploring your options. Even if you do have a bad credit score, it is still possible for a lender to approve you for a personal loan. However, you may be subject to strict borrowing terms. For example, you usually pay higher interest .....
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Category: Debt Tips

5 Common Myths About Bad Credit Car Loans .

Whether you plan on buying a new or used car, saving up for a new set of wheels can be challenging. That’s why around 14 percent of Australians have a car loan. But for people with bad credit, applying for a car loan can be risky. Why? For one, they are more likely to be rejected by lenders, which,.....
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Category: Debt Management, Debt Tips

7 Smart Ways to Pay Off Debt in 2023.

Are you struggling to pay off one or more debts and want to regain control of your finances?If so, then consider a debt repayment strategy. This is when you assess your finances, create a plan, and gradually pay off your debt(s), with as little impact on your lifestyle and wellbeing as possible. De.....
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4 Main Reasons for Loan Rejections.

What Are Some Reasons for Rejection of Loan Application? Applying for loans can be a hard and tedious process that requires a lot of time and perseverance. That’s why when loans get rejected, it can be very frustrating and discouraging. It is important to know and understand the main reasons that lo.....
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How to get a loan with bad credit?.

When real life happens, it often comes with unforeseen financial challenges. A lot of people find difficulties getting their finances back on track, especially after a change in circumstances or financial hardship. In fact, most people who find themselves in financial difficulty find themselves in .....
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What Are the Alternatives to Payday Loans?.

Bottom Line: Payday loans might seem like a convenient option, but compared to conventional loans, the interest rates can be extremely high - as much as 48% in some cases. When you apply for a loan with another provider or a credit card, the lender will view your credit file and will see that you’ve.....
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Can I Get a Loan with Bad Credit or No Credit?.

If you've got a low credit score, or you haven't built any credit, this can limit your options if you need to borrow money. Improving your credit score will improve your prospects, but this takes time. If you need money more urgently, you can compare non-conforming loans to find the best deal. What.....
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Will Bankruptcy Clear All My Debts?.

Bottom Line: Bankruptcy may seem like an attractive solution if you’re trapped under a mountain of debt that you can’t repay. It might be the right option in some circumstances but it is not the only option. You should be aware of other personal insolvency solutions such as a Debt Agreement or Pers.....
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Payday Loan Machines Target Australia's Most Vulnerable Communities.

Despite the ongoing controversy around payday loans, lenders are continuing to find new ways to make short-term, high-interest loans more accessible to borrowers in need. Their latest strategy is automatic loan machines popping up in shopping centres in some of New South Wales' most impoverished su.....
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Category: Debt Management

How to Get Approved for a Loan.

Whether you're applying for a mortgage or a personal loan, you need to have some assurance that your request will be approved. Not only is a loan rejection disappointing and demotivating, it could also make it harder to get approved from other lenders, as the rejection may show up on your credit re.....
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