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Manage Your Finances To A Better Lifestyle

Financial Debt Help Focusing on having your finances in check can ensure you have a relatively comfortable and manageable lifestyle. Evaluate how well you spend and keep track of your money. Work on a weekly money planner and a debt management plan to gain control of your spending. Use our tips bel... Continue reading


How Does The Federal Budget Affect Me?

Whether you’re young and struggling, or much older and well-established, the Australia Federal Budget this year will have a strong impact on all demographics and their finances. The media has had no shortage of covering the news of the Federal Budget - there have been detailed breakdowns given... Continue reading


Learn To Travel On A Budget

Planning That Next Holiday? Every day expenses makes going overseas difficult, especially if you have the added burden of debt on your mind. However, sometimes we all need a break; whether it’s to visit family abroad or just to get away from the daily grind for a recharge. Holidays don’... Continue reading


Do Men Carry More Debt Than Women?

Studies have revealed that male debtors are responsible for the majority of insolvent debts. Men have been found more likely to be liable for bankruptcies and debt agreements. Personal insolvencies occur when an individual cannot pay back the money that they owe. Here are some of the reasons why bot... Continue reading


An Increase In The Number Of ATO Penalty Notices

Tax Debt Loans Australia Towards the second half of 2015, the Australian Tax Office took a stronger stance at imposing penalties for businesses that were failing to keep up with their tax commitments. News reports and statements on the website all indicated that stronger measures will be enacted to... Continue reading


Why Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

Mortgage Debt Advice - Refinancing Are you considering refinancing the loan on your mortgage? In a lot of situations, refinancing can help you save money by reducing the rate of the current loan you are signed on to. But it’s important to note that this method does not work for all cases, so ... Continue reading


How To Fix Bad Credit

What is Bad Credit? And How Can I Fix This? The label of having ‘bad credit’ can have significant implications on any individual. Bad credit describes one’s inability to keep up with credit arrangements; which often means missing out on paying your credit card bills on time (or no... Continue reading


Interest Rates Expected To Decrease

How Debt Is Affected By The Interest Rate The scrutiny of the interest rate in Australia has been widely publicised by the media. It is becoming increasingly a hot topic, with the RBA leaving the cash rate on hold at 2% for the eighth consecutive month. Prior to this announcement, analysts were pre... Continue reading


Recover From The Christmas Splurge

The New Year Is Your Opportunity To Sort Out Your Finances! It looks like we call it ‘silly season’ for a reason! Financial data indicates that households are up to $51 billion in debt after the shopping spree at the end of last year. The commercialisation of Christmas, Boxing Day, and ... Continue reading


Your Personalised Financial New Year’s Resolutions 2016

The New Year is approaching us again. It’s that time of the year when everyone gets a chance to re-evaluate the past 12 months and muse on what’s gone right, and what can be improved. If you’re having a bit of trouble coming up with ideas for your New Year’s resolutions, how ... READ MORE


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